Burst Premium Network
The first-ever national content network of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) focused, in-program, brand-safe UGC content integrated into news is now live!

Burst Content Network

The Burst Content Network ("BCN") takes Burst’s extensive library of rights-cleared, user-generated video content
and produces a curated, real-time, “best of” video experience for publishers, advertisers, and content owners.

The BCN provides a continuous stream of brand safe UGC that keeps viewers engaged, creates new advertising
revenue for publishers and provides a cutting-edge video experience on both mobile and desktop.

Burst Partners & Reach

Burst is the largest purveyor of UGC for local news in the nation. With hundreds of partner sites, the BCN is uniquely positioned to provide a massive distribution opportunity for content owners and advertisers looking to reach hyper local audiences at national scale. 

Premium UGC Library

We have an extensive library of media with rich meta-data. Our BCN algorithms find and curate the best content from all of our partners and create an authentic, relevant, brand safe content experience for your audience on any screen.  

Smart, Real-Time Content Curation

Powered by Burst’s proprietary intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the BCN automatically selects the best performing video content across specified content category verticals. 

New Revenue Streams

The BCN represents a new stream of advertising revenue for publishing partners, a unique sponsorship opportunity with large scale for an advertiser, and a UGC syndication model for content owners. 

Increased Engagement

With leading-edge, video-centric widgets that keep viewers on publisher sites, the BCN optimizes page views, media views, time on site, return visitors, and overall user satisfaction. 

UGC Expertise & Optimization

After 7+ years of experience helping our partners optimize their UGC strategies, our team will work with publishing partners, advertisers, and content owners to enhance their BCN strategy and achieve the greatest ROI.