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Apply to join a team that is building a product that will change the way video is shared, curated and consumed.

Burst offers competitive salaries, equity and excellent benefits, and has a relatively flat org structure.
We are an innovative technology company at the exciting crossroads of mobile, video, Machine Learning, social media, and TV in all its forms. Burst is a B2B SaaS platform that allows media companies, broadcasters of live events, TV stations, OTT platforms, and stadiums to crowdsource mobile video from their fans, audiences, reporters and stringers, curate them quickly using our machine-assisted curation tools, and seamlessly include the best of those authentic videos into their live shows, productions, in-venue screens and social/digital destinations in near real-time – all the while owning their own data & customers. Burst is fast growing into a must-have piece of the new and evolving digital video ecosystem. The ideal candidate is one who loves to solve hard problems, has an insatiable desire to learn, feeds off the energy and knowledge of smart colleagues, communicates clearly, and has an entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do attitude.

Senior DevOps Engineer

Burst is seeking is an exceptional Senior DevOps Engineer to take its cloud-based platform to the next level.

As the Senior DevOps Engineer, you will own our infrastructure with a focus on Availability, Automation, Scaling, Performance and Security. You will:

  • Spread the DevOps culture, enabling developers to work smarter

  • Be a thought leader in making processes more agile, efficient, and reliable

  • Expand CI/CD implementation

  • Automate everything further

  • Improve infrastructure automation, security and reliability, on AWS

  • Enhance our video processing, and AI/ML infrastructure

  • Manage load testing, scaling and performance

  • Improve our monitoring, self-healing, and QA Automation


Skills/Experience Desired:

  • Strong ability to code and script in multiple languages

  • Deep expertise with Linux, including expert scripting & performance

  • Familiarity with network protocols

  • Ability to design and configure secure virtual network topologies, especially in AWS VPC

  • Production experience preferred with the likes of: Terraform, Docker, ECS or Kubernetes, Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Salt, Jenkins, and Gradle

  • Expertise in best practices in continuous integration

  • Ability to architect clustered containerized application services for resilience and performance

  • Exposure to some of: RabbitMQ, Redis, Cassandra, Postgres, Elasticsearch

  • AI, Video processing, or DBA experience a huge plus

  • Five to ten years of experience, and a BS in CS or related field preferred


Machine Learning Engineer

You will build cutting edge algorithms for video recognition & classification, deep learning systems that find compelling content, predict video virality, build automatic montages, enable deep video search, and much more in the field of machine-based content curation.

Skills/Experience Desired:

  • Experience in deep learning algorithm development

  • Experience with recognition, classification and clustering algorithms for video, audio and images

  • Software development experience, with Python, MatLab, Keras, R, Scala, C++

  • Familiarity with R, OpenCV, SQL, and NoSQL systems

  • Hands-on with to neural networks and deep learning tools such as TensorFlow, Torch, Caffe or Theano

  • Full-stack software development experience would be a huge plus

  • PhD degree or Master’s degree or equivalent work experience in machine learning/vision


Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack

As a Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack, you’ll build, grow and own the back-end wiring, business logic and API that underpin our platform.

You will:

  • Find and use the best technologies to add features to our products as well as to create new products

  • Be involved in all aspects of the development process from product inception to scaling in production

  • Influence and drive software development best practices for the team

  • Mentor and develop junior engineers

  • Collaborate with cross functional teams within Engineering, Sales, Account management, and Product

  • Assist in production support needs


Skills/Experience Desired:

  • Experience building large scale distributed applications

  • Strong understanding of web and enterprise technologies and frameworks

  • Expert in Java, SOA, REST, SQL, Linux, AWS

  • Additional skills in one of: Scala, Python, Ruby, C++/C/C#

  • Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, JQuery

  • Knowledge of one or more of these a huge plus: Glassfish, PostGres, Video codecs, Python, Hadoop, NoSQL databases

  • Strong test-driven development and documentation focus

  • Familiarity with iOS and Android development a plus

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in CS preferred

  • Six to ten years of experience


Video Software Engineer

You will work with experts in machine learning and video to build cutting edge solutions around video analytics, learning systems that find compelling content, automatic montages, video search, transcoding and streaming.

Skills/Experience Desired:

  • Experience with computer vision and image processing

  • Expertise in adaptive streaming, HLS, MPEG-TS, DASH, and players

  • Expertise in C/C++, ffmpeg, nvenc/CUDA, OpenGL

  • Familiarity with one or more of: Java, Python or PHP

  • Exposure to encoding in video codecs such as H.264, HEVC/H.265, Broadcast codecs

  • Knowledge of one or more of these is a plus: SQL, Hadoop, NoSQL databases, iOS/Android video, Lucene/Solr

  • Strong test-driven development and documentation focus

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in CS or Engineering preferred

  • Five to ten years of experience


Database Engineer

You will work with a team of mobile, backend, machine learning and video engineers to develop database structures and procedures, scale our database infrastructure, and support analytics efforts.

Skills/Experience Desired:

  • Expertise in developing in, and managing, a leading RDBMS such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL

  • Expertise in writing and troubleshooting complex SQL queries, and stored procedures

  • Ability to troubleshoot, tune, and profile database performance

  • Familiarity with NoSQL: Cassandra, Mongo, Couch, Redis

  • Exposure to AWS a big plus

  • Experience in two or more of these desired: Java, Python, Linux, REST

  • Bachelor’s in CS or Engineering preferred

  • Four to eight years of experience


Mobile Developer

You will be involved in all things mobile at Burst. You will build our apps and features around video capture, submission, management and consumption on iOS and Android, both native and mobile web.

Skills/Experience Desired:

  • Experience building complex iOS and Android applications

  • Familiarity with video, camera, background processing on iOS/Android

  • Expertise in responsive mobile web app development, using JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, AJAX, JQuery

  • Familiarity with social network integrations

  • Knowledge of one or more of these is a plus: Python, C/C++, Linux

  • A keen eye for superior user experiences

  • Strong test-driven development and documentation focus

  • Bachelor’s in CS or Engineering preferred

  • Three to six years of experience


Account Manager

Burst is seeking an entrepreneurial minded Account Manager to take customer relationships and retention to the next level.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage and monitor portfolio of accounts on a daily basis – develop and maintain a trusted advisor relationship within portfolio

  • A hands-on contributor that will build strategies for accounts to drive loyalty and maximize customer retention

  • Guide new clients through on-boarding process. Teaching/training, sharing and defining best practices for customers, driving user adoption and activation

  • Become a platform expert in order to highlight key features, functionality and updates to customers

  • Understand the customer’s business goals and objectives, and serve as the client’s internal voice within the company

  • Hire, train, mentor, coach, and lead team members to achieve their personal best

  • Understand market and industry conditions and how to best capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities

  • Participate as a key member of the team in all manner of company decision-making and execution

  • Effectively work with all of the other areas of the company, particularly marketing and communications as well as Product Management and Engineering to contribute towards constant innovation of the product


Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience managing and building customer relationships

  • Ability to mentor other account managers and help them achieve maximum results

  • A systems thinker who believes in and has experience implementing scalable teams, operations, and processes

  • Demonstrable quantitative and analytical measurement skills

  • Ability to work efficiently within a startup environment and effectively handle the ambiguity and complexity that arises on a day-to-day basis

  • Strong organizational and time management skills

  • You have experience leveraging social media to drive brand marketing success

  • B.A. or B.S. is required


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